X Factor 2011: Kitty Brucknell told to "make headlines" by producers

Kitty Brucknell

X Factor star Kitty Brucknell may find herself getting a telling off from show producers this weekend after she let slip they told her to "make headlines" on a recent tight out. The kooky performer dismissed reports she had been told off for her pole dancing when she and Johnny visited a night club earlier this week.

Kitty told us backstage at yesterday's X Factor rehearsals: "I'm fine with the producers," before claiming: "What happened? We were told to make headlines.... It's fine."

And making fun of the reports, Kitty joked: "I love dressing up. It was a gay club. Hello, has anyone been to a gay club? They have nice hot guys... who happen to like other hot guys. Girls don't factor into that equation!

"I was just having fun," she added.

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