X Factor's Janet Devlin says: I've never seen Tulisa and Kelly together!

Tulisa and Kelly

X Factor 2011 hopeful Janet Devlin has insisted that there's no tension between X Factor judges Tulisa and Kelly Rowland... because the pair never see one another! Janet let slip today that the two X Factor stars rarely crossed paths when off screen.

And it seems Tulisa and Kelly aren't alone, with Janet telling TellyMix yesterday: "The thing is you never see all four judges in the same room apart from when you perform on Saturday night."

She added: "Backstage there's no tension... it doesn't seem that way anyway, there's no dirty looks across corridors or things like that."

Asked about how Tulisa and Kelly had been getting on for the past week since last weekend's Misha B row, Janet revealed: "I've never seen them together"

However she quickly added: "But not in that way, they're always going makeup and hair at different times...

"I've never seen them together," she repeated.

Not tense at all...

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