X Factor's Gary Barlow reveals his live show warm up routine!

Gary Barlow 2011

It can't be at all easy facing some 12 million viewers every weekend, but for X Factor judge Gary Barlow it's just part of the day job. Speaking to the official website with how he copes with the nerves, the Take That star revealed a rather egotistical warm up routine.

He explained: "Nerves are not easy to stop. Though sometimes nerves are good if channelled positively, just not when they ruin your performance!

"I find it helps before I go stage to take some deep breaths."

But Gary's top tip? "An ego charge is good too," he says, "Say to yourself 'I'm the man, I'm the man' over and over until it sinks in."

Essential advice, if you’re a reality telly judge, from Gary there...

PIC: Copyright ITV/Syco/Talkback Thames

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