X Factor 2011: Janet Devlin "sick" of singing slow songs!

Janet Devlin

X Factor 2011 hopeful Janet Devlin has said she doesn't want to be a ballad singer, telling fans she hopes to sing more up beat songs as the week go on. The 16-year-old added in her latest video diary that she even agreed with Louis Walsh branding her previous performances as boring!

Janet revaled: "Last Saturday I was pretty happy with my performance, it was the first time I got to do an upbeat song and I didn’t fall off the stage and onto the judges so that went well.

"The judges had mixed reactions, but I can understand why. It was rock week and to not have a guitar in a rock song is a bit peculiar. But overall I was quite happy with it."

We wouldn't call Janet's cover of Sweet Child of Mine quite so upbeat...

But Janet added: "When Louis said my previous performances were boring, I could see where he was coming from.

"I think I was more on the verge of boring because I myself was getting sick of singing slow songs and being the ballad singer. I don’t want to be a ballad singer.

PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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