X Factor 2011: Frankie hits out at Tulisa's comments on his performance

Frankie Cocozza

X Factor sleaze ball Frankie Cocozza has hit out at Tulisa's comments in his latest video diary, saying he wasn't "too impressed" by the N-Dubz star's verdict on this tuneless performance last Saturday night.

Following his rendition of Primal Screams' track Rocks, Tulisa said: "I’m a little bit gob-smacked.

“The first audition when we saw you, you came across as this slightly cocky, confident, cute guy but there was a boundary with you. Now I feel like Gary has taken you to the extremes and I feel like we’ve lost Frankie.

“I don’t know who you are anymore, he’s tried to make you into a younger Gary, everything he wanted to be in his younger days. I loved who you were and there was a sense of innocence about you and I feel it’s gone. You’re rebellious but I don’t think you’re this extreme.”

But responding to those comments today, Frankie moaned: "I was really happy with my performance on a Saturday night. I really enjoyed myself on stage. I wasn't too impressed with my comments, but I can't do anything about that.

"Tulisa said that I'd lost my innocence, but I don't think I've ever been innocent if I'm honest.

"I haven't changed at all."

But he added: "Hearing the bad comments from the judges makes you determined and makes you want to do better."

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