Cher Lloyd "fed up" of being asked about Cheryl Cole or X Factor!

Cher Lloyd

We definitely won't be asking Cher Lloyd about Cheryl Cole anytime soon, after the pintsize singer made it pretty clear she was "fed up" of people chatting to her about the Geordie singer. In an interview with heat magazine, Cher said in no uncertain terms she and Cheryl weren't close. At all.

Cher complained: "Seriously, why the f**k does everyone ask me about Cheryl? We aren't friends. I'm fed up of being asked about The X Factor and Cheryl."

She continued in her rant: "You can print this, right... I don't speak to Cheryl, we don't speak, we don't have anything to do with each other, so will everyone stop asking me about Cheryl?

"And The X Factor? Of course I'm watching it. What kind of a stupid question is that? How boring is that?"

And even Simon Cowell came under attack from the popstar, despite being signed to his label!

She moaned: "I wouldn't say it was a big loss that Simon's gone. Gary [Barlow]'s great and they need a change.

"I met Simon on a TV show and that is it. We're not friends and I didn't buy him a birthday present - why would I? All the decisions on the album were made by me. I don't see them anymore."

Cher will return to the show this weekend to perform her new track With Ur Love, it's a good thing Simon and Cheryl still aren't on the show!

Watch Cher's With Ur Love video below...

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