X Factor 2011: Gary Barlow defends sleazy Frankie Cocozza

Gary Barlow and Frankie Cocozza

X Factor judge Gary Barlow has defended Frankie Cocozza's continuously sleazy behaviour - saying he's just a teenager! The Take That star had to finally admit last weekend that Frankie had given some "awful" performances on the show, but insisted the youngster has more to give.

Gary said: "He was out earlier in the week on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday but do you know what, he’s a teenager.

"He’s 18 years old and I’m not going to stop him from going out as long as he delivers. He said he just wanted to let off some steam."

Tulisa and the other judges have been very critical of the 18-year-old, with the N-Dubz star commenting at the weekend that Frankie had become "more extreme" as the weeks have gone by.

She told him: "I loved who you were [at the audition] and there was a sense of innocence about you and I feel it’s gone. You’re rebellious but I don’t think you’re this extreme.”

But Gary insisted: "I think we have to remember that these kids are copped up in a house all week, they are all of a sudden in an environment they aren’t used to being in. I think it’s very stressful actually."

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