Hollywood director Steven Spielberg LOVES The X Factor!

X Factor 2011 judges

The X Factor has a famous fan in the form of legendary Hollywood film director Steven Spielberg. In an interview with this month’s EMPIRE Magazine, Spielberg admitted that during his time in the UK filming War Horse, his family took a shine to the ITV1 reality show.

He revealed: “My family became completely infatuated with The X Factor. We watched it all the time. I wanted to go to sleep because I was shooting but I’d wind up watching instead of sleeping. I became a sappy devotee.”

And it seems like has Spielberg has followed the show back to the US, but has noticed some big differences in the way Simon Cowell approaches contestants in the two countries!

“I couldn’t believe how nice Simon Cowell was to his fellow Brits and how horrendous he had been to all the Americans,” says Spielberg.

“What an attitude adjustment! Having watched and enjoyed American Idol for years with my children, and then watching a whole new Simon Cowell dealing with his own brethren in the UK, I said, ‘Wow, this guy has changed his stripes!’"

The full interview appears in this month’s EMPIRE Magazine, on sale now (Thursday).

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