X Factor 2011 spoilers: Week four song choices - Halloween weekend!

Misha Bryan

It's a Halloween special on The X Factor 2011 this Saturday, as the remaining 10 X Factor finalists perform their favourite 'fright night' tracks for the Week 4 live show, but what will they be singing?

Will Johnny tone down his performances? What new name will Rhythmix come up with for their group? And what on earth will Kitty do?! So many questions but one thing is for sure, Sami won't be doing another big karaoke number...

We'll keep you updated on all the latest song choices in the lead up to Saturday's show...

X Factor 2011 song list - Week 4


- [tag]Janet Devlin[/tag] -
- [tag]Misha Bryan[/tag] -
- [tag]Sophie Habibis[/tag] -


- [tag]Craig Colton[/tag] -
- [tag]Marcus Collins[/tag] -
- [tag]Frankie Cocozza[/tag] -


- [tag]Johnny Robinson[/tag] -
- [tag]Kitty Brucknell[/tag] -


- [tag]The Risk[/tag] -
- [tag]Rhythmix[/tag] -

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