X Factor's Misha B and Kitty "hate each other" after blazing row over sob stories!

Kitty Brucknell

It's all going off backstage in The X Factor house this week, with Kitty blasting on Misha B and her apparent 'sob story'. The kooky singer supposedly told the teenager she was only popular because people were feeling sorry for her.


"It was a low blow and the girls have been arguing ever since," a source blabs. "They seem to hate each other. It's very obvious that Kitty sees Misha as a rival, and the rest of the house are finding it hard to deal with the contestant fighting."

But it sounds like Kitty picked on the wrong finalist, with even the other housemates shocked by the insult.

The source told heat: "The contestants thought it was very low. They've struggled with Kitty since the start, but now they really don't like her."


But - as Louis and Tulisa will be sure to point out - Misha is a feisty one and held her own against the 26-year-old Lady GaGa impersonator.

"Misha didn't let Kitty get away with her horrible put-down," the source revealed.

The insider continued: "There's on drama after the other with Kitty. She might be the most loathed singer The X Factor has ever seen. She made a mistake starting on Misha though, as the whole house love her."

And they added: "They now all hope Kitty leaves soon."


PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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