Former X Factor winner Shayne Ward says show needs to focus on talent

Shayne Ward

Former X Factor winner Shayne Ward has said the show needs to go "back to basics" and be more about talent again. The pop star, who won the second series of the show back in 2005, said it was now more concerned about image than vocals.

Speaking to This Morning, where the former skin head revealed a new bouffant of hair, Shayne said: "Being on 'The X Factor' was amazing for me but it has changed hugely since my day. It's changed from being about the voice which I think it needs to get back to.

"I like The Risk they're really good, I love Marcus too. My only advice for the contestants would be, believe in your talent but don't believe the hype."

The singer, who was dumped by Simon Cowell earlier this year, added however that eh was still watching the show - and was loving the new judges.

"The great thing is that all the judges have been there and done that, I like to see a bit of an argument between the judges," Shayne, who is now a West End star, said. "It's great to have someone like Gary Barlow who was part of the biggest boyband of the 90s and still is huge. I'd prefer to hear advice from someone who's been through it all."

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