X Factor 2011: Sami Brookes wants Johnny Robinson to win!

Johnny Robinson

Eliminated X Factor 2011 contestant Sami Brookes is backing Johnny Robinson to win the show, even begging her Twitter followers to vote for the 45-year-old singer this Saturday night.

The 31-year-old, who was voted off last Sunday, told The Mirror: “Johnny Robinson is Christmas No 1.

“Then Louis doesn't have to make Johnny into a pantomime act, he will have to take Johnny seriously, because Johnny can bloody sing.

"I love Johnny. I want him more than anything to win. He's older, he's tried all his life to get somewhere.

“Because he's older, I think he deserves a chance."

And in a jibe at some of the other hopefuls, Sami added: "He's not false he's not flash and he's got the best heart in the world."

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