X Factor: Louis Walsh "flabbergasted" by Kitty being in the bottom two!

Louis Walsh

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has he was "flabbergasted" when it was revealed that Kitty Brucknell was in the bottom two at the weekend. Speaking on the official website, Louis said the blonde singer didn't deserve to receive so few votes.

“I’m still reeling following rock weekend," he explained. "I didn’t see that one coming.

"I’m flabbergasted that my two acts, Kitty and Sami, were in the bottom two. When the cameras cut to me and Dermot asked me to make my decision, I totally zoned out due to utter shock. Tulisa had to nudge me awake!"

Louis continued: “It’s sad to see Sami go since she is such a phenomenal singer and I wish her every success. Kitty didn’t deserve to be in the bottom two either; she works harder than anyone – hopefully she’ll come back fighting next week. I really want people to see the softer, sweeter side of Kitty’s character."


And in a jibe at former judge Cheryl Cole, who refused to vote when two of her acts were in the bottom two last year, Louis said he wasn't going to "cop out" as he sent Sami home.

He explained: “People have been asking why I didn’t go to deadlock. It’s simple, I didn’t want to cop out – I needed to show I had the balls to make the decision.

"The music business is a tough industry and sometimes things aren’t pretty!"

But Sami has hit out at his decision not to take the vote to deadlock, saying: “All my friends had voted for me so much, I wish it has went to deadlock!"

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