X Factor 2011: Johnny Robinson defends 'best mentor' Louis Walsh!

Louis Walsh 2011

X Factor hopeful Johnny Robinson has defended his mentor Louis Walsh, saying the judge is the best mentor on the show, even better than Gary Barlow! Following claims that Louis "doesn't care" about his acts, Johnny insisted that the Irish music mogul is actually "very hands on".

Coming from Johnny god knows what that means, but we're going to assume it's all very innocent!

Johnny said: “Louis has been lovely. I couldn’t have had a better mentor, seriously. He’s been very helpful and caring. And he’s extremely hands on – he’s helping me and the others out all the time."

Speaking to the Daily Mail last week, Gary Barlow had moaned about Louis, claiming: “I think I have seen him [Louis Walsh] once at the house with the contestants. He is in Dublin all week”

And he blasted: “He doesn’t really care. He is here today showing his face, but he has got to be here, it is probably in his contract.”


But Johnny dismissed the comments, telling the Irish Mirror: “I would see him a lot during the week. This week we had routines and song choices to go through so we saw him on four days. That’s the usual.

“I joke that I would have loved to have got Gary Barlow because I’ve got a crush on him. But I didn’t, I got Louis.

“At the end of the day he’s got eight years’ experience with acts on the X Factor so I really, truly believe that I couldn’t have got a better mentor for someone like me because I’m not a pop star.”

Johnny added he was also hoping for Louis to sign him up after the show finished, saying: “If he was willing to take me on and I was allowed to work with him – I’d love to.

“That’s if he picks me, because he signs big bands – I’m not Westlife, I’m just Johnny! But that would be lovely, if he was my manager.”

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