X Factor 2011: Marcus Collins and Craig Colton thank their mums for support!

Craig Colton

X Factor stars Craig Colton and Marcus Collins have thanked their mums for supporting them in the competition, saying seeing their friends and family is the "best part of the week".

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Craig revealed: “To stand back stage and watch who the judges are saving and who they are sending home is horrible. To get back to the house and see they have gone is the worst part.

“It is sad that your close friends have become your competition. Seeing my mum and dad on Saturday after the show is a bit of home. My mum phones me every day while I am away.”

Marcus agreed, saying he loved his mum in the audience for the results show: "Standing on this stage waiting for your name to be called is the worst feeling ever. Luckily my mum is always there to give me a big cuddle.

“The best part of the week for me is seeing my mum and friends after the show. I am so close to my mum. She brought me up on her own and it has been a struggle. It has been tough financially. My mum has always been there for me no matter what.”

He added: “I don’t know why I can sing. My mum is tone deaf but she loves jazz, soul and RnB so I think that has made me quite open-minded musically. I don’t know if anyone was ready for me to do rock week. But I enjoyed it.

"It was a challenge but I did my best.”

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