X Factor: Primal Scream aren't happy with Frankie Cocozza's cover!

Frankie Cocozza

Rock group Primal Scream aren't too happy with their song being used on The X Factor, and given Frankie Cocozza's poor take on the track it's hard to blame them. The Scottish act took to Twitter to distance themselves from the show and the tuneless cover.

Gary Barlow had chosen the song for Frankie to sing last Saturday night as a part of the show's rock themed week.

Writing on Twitter, the group - formed in 1982 - said: “Sorry to hear ‘Rocks’ was used on X-Factor. We don’t endorse this. X.”

Kelly and Tulisa both criticised the performance, with the US star complaining: "I need you to come up vocally, you really lack there. You have great presence and everything but you have got to come up ten times harder vocally.”

Even mentor Gary Barlow didn't go overboard with praise, saying the 18-year-old had done only "pretty well" with the track

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