X Factor 2011: Misha B and Rhythmix girls clashed, reveals Sami Brookes

Misha Bryan

While eliminated X Factor contestant Sami Brookes made it clear she wasn't on the end of any bullying from Misha B, the 31-year-old did reveal that the girls from Rhythmix and the 19-year-old Manchester singer had clashed behind the scenes and at the house.

Both Louis Walsh and Tulisa - who mentor the Overs and Groups respectively this year - claimed their acts had complained about bullying by Misha.

Speaking after her exit last night, Sami revealed that Misha had argued with Jesy, Perrie, Leigh Ann and Jade from Rhythmix, but insisted it was nothing more than a teenage bust up.

"Rhythmix and Misha have had a few disagreements. But they're all young girls," she explained.

"They've just left school, they get bothered over things like people using each other's shampoo, so there's obviously going to be friction there.

"I'm like the mum of the house, and if anything serious was going on, I would stamp it out straight away. I'm not saying I'm the boss, but I would always make sure there is no bullying, I hate bullying."

She added: "Misha is quite a feisty character but I think she will sell millions. Nobody is bigger than the show. The show is there to help us achieve our dreams."

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