X Factor's Frankie Cocozza admits: I'm the weakest singer

Frankie Cocozza

It seems like X Factor 2011 wannabe Frankie Cocozza may finally be recovering from his week of binge drinking in the lead up to Saturday's show, admitting that he is the weakest singer of the remaining contestants.

No surprises there, it’s just a shame so many better singers have been knocked out at his expense.

But he insisted he was going to try his best to improve, writing on Twitter: "I know I'm the weakest singer in the competition, nice of people to keep reminding me.. I'm not gunna give up trying to improve. Mugs."

And he added to his 200,000 followers: "Thankyou to everyone who voted last night, really appreciate it. Let's piss the haters off more. Love you all xx"

We would suggest Frankie could improve by rehearsing instead of spending his nights bedding reality stars pumped with silicone, but we don't think he gives a s**t about the show.

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