X Factor 2011: Rhythmix may soon be no more as legal battle over name continues


Girl group Rhythmix probably didn't think too much when they came up with their name back at bootcamp, let alone foresee the potential for an EU court case over the eight latter moniker. Unfortunately, the girls happened to choose a name also being used by a music charity...

The Rhythmix charity - which uses music to work with children and young people - has been in contact with the show about the name, but the programme's legal team is apparently refusing to budge.

The charity hold a trademark on the Rhythmix, but despite this lawyers for Simon Cowell’s Simco company have so far refused to back down over its use on the show.

In a statement, the Rhythmix charity said: "Rather than seeking any discussion with the Charity, considering any of the moral implications of their actions, or checking with the Charity whether the pursuit of an exclusive trademark might have any negative impact on the activities of the Charity, Simco and their legal representatives sought a way to use the law to circumvent the trademark of the Charity."

They added: "Unfortunately, this tactic by Simco means that the Charity has no option other than to pursue the legal means available to it to object to their trademark application, at a financially unjustifiable cost that Simco are fully aware of but refuse to act to mitigate."

But the charity insisted that the girls of the group were not to blame, saying: "The Charity wants to put it on record that we wish Jesy, Perrie, Leigh Ann and Jade the very best of luck and hope they do well under a new name.

"Could we please ask fans of the four and supporters of any pro-charity campaign to respect the fact that Rhythmix is a charity that works almost exclusively with children and young people when making comments."

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