X Factor: Sami Brookes blames backstage rows on 'time of the month'

Sami Brookes

Eliminated X Factor hopeful Sami Brookes has put arguments between the girls on the show down to the time of the month, saying the contestants - who all share a house together - are "all in sync" and "under pressure." How lovely.

Speaking to DigitalSpy, Sami put the rows - which she refused to call bullying - down to "monthly symptoms" shared by the female singers.

"All girls have disagreements, all the time. Misha was a close friend in the house," she said. "But we've all been under pressure. We're all tired, we all get monthly symptoms at the same time. We're all in sync with each other! "

The Welsh bar maid added: "There are going to be disagreements from time to time, but the bullying thing is a bit silly. Me and Misha, as if someone that small would bully me! I'm a big bear compared to that little thing."

PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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