X Factor 2011: Kitty Brucknell gets Botox to make her look less angry!

Kitty Brucknell

X Factor contestant Kitty Brucknell has admitted she is having regular Botox injections - to make herself look kless angry. Kitty, who is just 26, has been criticised for being 'addicted' to the £300-a-time jabs to prevent frown lines.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Kitty confessed: "I had an injection before I came on The X Factor. My mum has permanent frown lines. It’s a genetic thing. I frown when I’m on stage, and when I look back at tapes of myself I look really angry.

"Someone suggested getting Botox and I thought, “That’s a really good idea.” I got a really top surgeon to do it in London. I am 26 and I know it’s a bit young. I had liposuction done years ago but other than that I haven’t had anything else done."

She added: "The first time I had the Botox, it lasted a year but it usually wears off after a few months. It costs up to £300 but the cost doesn’t bother me. I have it when I feel like I need it."

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PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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