X Factor 2011: Tulisa "bewildered" by Kelly Rowland's reaction to bullying claims

Tulisa Contostavlos

New X Factor judge Tulisa is said to be "bewildered" by Kelly Rowland's reaction to her claims that Misha B was being "mean" to other contestants. Kelly snubbed Tulisa after last night's show, following a more than frosty viewer's phone in on spin-off the Xtra Factor.

Tulisa had told Misha on Saturday night that she need to reign her attitude in and focus her energy on the performance.

But Misha's mentor Kelly was clearly annoyed by the comments, saying Tulisa shouldn't have mentioned what goes on backstage during the show.

An insider said N-Dubz star was "very bewildered that Kelly is taking it all so personally".

They continued: "At the end of the day, Tulisa was just being honest and saying something because she felt Misha had been mean to her acts, it was nothing against Kelly Judges comment on the backstage actions of acts all the time - it has happened so many times in the show's history - Cheryl, Simon and Dannii used to do it loads.

"In fact, the panel - including Kelly - have spent this year commenting how lovely Marcus and Sophie are backstage."

The source even suggested Kelly was being hypocritical of Kelly to have complained.

"t seems a bit hypocritical to get upset and say 'what happens backstage stays backstage' - when everyone has been bringing up backstage already. Perhaps it's only fine when it's positive it seems!" the source added to DigitalSpy.

> X Factor 2011: Kelly Rowland 'went berserk' at Tulisa over Misha B bullying claims

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