X Factor 2011 Week 3 review: Who rocked it? Not many of them...

Janet Devlin

Get out your air guitars and dust of those dodgy leather trousers... it's rock week. Last week we said farewell to Nu Vibe, as the judges voted to save Frankie Cocozza, this week he and the other remaining acts were under pressure like no other...

So, the first of the 11 finalists up to perform, was Marcus Collins. Marcus gave an energetic performance, singing and looking like he was in charge of the stage. But it's still not enough for me. He needs a suitable song to confirm his own style identity, or his time could soon be up.

Midas act Janet Devlin, produced another great vocal and for the first time, showed us a little edgy attitude. Wasn't her best of the series, but good enough to be in the top 3 of the night.

Up next was Sami Brookes who is one of the best singers in the competition, but I fear, more people may be agreeing with Gary Barlow's 'karaoke' comments which is a shame. Sadly I think Sami is running out of time and luck.

Last week I raved about Rhythmix being the best ever X Factor girl band, but this week the song choice was not good. Vocals were OK but the theme was meant to be 'rock' and the track clearly wasn't. It took away all of the momentum from their performance. I do like them though.


Sophie Habibis is a good singer but her performances are forgettable. Out of the remaining girls, I find her the most boring to watch.

Craig Colton was up next and as much as I like him, this was his worst performance so far during the live shows. He has already made his mark so expect him to be safe for a while yet though.

After a very uninspiring show, Kitty Brucknell was a breath of fresh air. With her over the top vocal and performance, the show would be boring without her. I'm not her biggest fan but the ice is melting!

I won't say too much about ladies favourite, Frankie Cocozza as I want to keep positive. It was a poor vocal. The guy seems to be here just for the celebrity ride. No pun intended. Not sure if this is how they want us to perceive him however.

The Risk were another act well below their usual high standard this week. They will be very safe though, and I know they can pull off a few more "nail it" performances. They will still be around for a while.

The performance of the night was next. Johnny Robinson. Johnny did a great job of the Darkness track, but he did it with ease, having the perfect voice matched to this style of music. Another act who would be a huge miss if he left.

Last up was Misha B, whose vocal was sadly overshadowed by Tulisa and Louis' comments about her being a 'bully' backstage. I agree with Gary though, I will give my verdict on what I see in front of me and it was awesome. Well done Misha.

This week I think Sami, (sorry) Frankie or Sophie could be heading home.

Before I go I just want to say a couple of things. Firstly, a huge thank you to all my friends and family for their support this week. Since Monday I have been very poorly and although I'm now on the mend their nice messages and comments have been priceless.

Finally to the producers. I love the X Factor and I have done media work on it for over 5 years BUT the show is losing its entertainment and enjoyment mojo and I believe that's why it is also losing it's audience.

Bring back the fun and stop the bickering and arguments, it's not a good example to show the millions of kids watching at home.

Now where did I put Simon Cowell's number...

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