X Factor's Frankie and The Risk told to stop partying

The Risk

Former X Factor vocal coach Yvie Burnett has said both Frankie and The Risk need to stop partying if they're going to have any chance of winning the show. The boys, who both put in sub-par performances last night, have spent most of the week out getting drunk.

And it took its toll, with the boys catching up with sleep during rehearsal time, and The Risk's Ashley falling ill.

Yvie said: "I have seen a lot of stuff on Twitter from the contestants saying they are off out bus t they will have to watch that the partying doesn't become more important than the hard work.

"The choice is either buckle down and get to the final and then have a reason to celebrate, or party now and risk singing badly on Saturday."

"The choice seems simple to me."

Speaking to the Daily Record, Yvie added: "I've always said you can party once you have made it.

"Anybody who is singing for a living is like an athlete. If you have got to perform to your best, you need rest and you need sleep.

"You can party, you just can't do it every night your voice just won't be up to it. Some people get away with it more than others but these contestants have to look after their voices. They are young, though, and have to learn that themselves.

"From my experience of X Factor, the amount of work that is involved, with rehearsals and being in the middle of this 10-week madness, I would say there's not really a lot of time for partying."

We're not sure anything can save Frankie's voice...

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