X Factor 2011: Louis Walsh hits back at Gary Barlow's claims he 'doesn't care'

Louis Walsh 2011

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has hit back at Gary Barlow after the Take That star claimed he didn't care about his acts. Gary had told papers that Louis barely visits the X Factor house and only appears for the cameras.

"I think I have seen him [Louis Walsh] once at the house with the contestants. He is in Dublin all week," the man band star commented.

And he blasted: “He doesn’t really care. He is here today showing his face, but he has got to be here, it is probably in his contract.”

But hitting back today, an angry Louis Walsh told pals: “How dare he talk about me like that? I have been doing this show for years and now Gary thinks he can waltz in and own the place.

“I’m furious, he shouldn’t treat people like this. My acts are brilliant.”

After last night's show, they certainly aren't the worst...

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