X Factor: "Meddling" Kelly Rowland brands Tulisa a "spoilt brat"!

Tulisa and Kelly

All is not well backstage, and it's not the X Factor contestants being accused this time! According to the Sunday Mirror, Kelly Rowland branded Tulisa a "spoilt brat" after "meddling" with the N-Dubz stars acts.

And in a hilarious reply, Tulisa said she had “no idea” about the UK music industry.

What is rock music again, Tulisa?

Producers supposedly told the pair “Grow up and start acting like professionals.”

A source explained: “Producers are likening the studios to a disaster zone. The acts are getting the blame for the show not going so well, so they’re a bit downtrodden – like the walking wounded. Meanwhile, the judges are sniping at each other.”


The girls ended up arguing after Kelly made her way to Tulisa's dressing room with "bundles" of notes about how to improve her groups Rhythmix and The Risk.

Kelly also annoyed the show's stylists by insisting she personally prepares her own acts.

Meanwhile Tulisa told a friend: "She needs to butt out of my business. If she thinks I’m not capable of this she’s stupid. She may have been in Destiny’s Child, but that’s history. Kelly’s got no idea about the UK market.”

But Kelly told her pals: "If this show’s in crisis, I’m the only one trying to do anything about it.

“Tulisa has been in this industry five minutes and I’ve been at the top of the game for years. If she wants to throw my advice back in my face that’s her loss. She’s acting like a spoilt brat.”

Speaking to the paper, Gary added: “The auditions were ­really friendly and the judges were really close, all of us offering each other advice and c­onferring on ­decisions. It’s a whole lot different now the competition has got going. The rivalry has really come out and no one comes out of their dressing rooms any more.

“We all really want to win so the pleasantries have all gone out the window.”

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