X Factor rock week: Johnny Robinson wins over Gary Barlow!

Johnny Robinson

X Factor 2011 hopeful Johnny Robinson finally won over Gary Barlow tonight with his cover of The Darkness' track I Believe In A Thing Called Love. It was the perfect track for Johnny sing on tonight's rock week, and the cheeky Londoner continued with his witty comebacks after Gary criticised the outfit!

Following the performance, Tulisa said: "You took the bulls by the horns this week and did a proper rock song. You haven’t sang rock before, but you sang it like a rock star.

"You absolutely smashed it, rock star of the night for me!"

Kelly Rowland added: "I must admit you really do rock, but I must say, you are such my guilty pleasure. I don’t know if I can see you selling records but I know for damn sure love to watch you and have a good time."


Despite calling him a joke act only yesterday, Gary had a change of heart, saying: "Johnny I really enjoyed that! Johnny only you could sing that song tonight… amazing!"

Mentor Louis added: "Gary has to like you because everybody here likes you and the public likes you. Gary does not want to like you but he has to. You hit every single note and you’re not a rock singer – you didn’t like the song – but you absolutely took that stage and we had fun."

But Gary couldn't help but try and get one little dig in, telling Johnny: "Did you get the suit from Argos?"

However Johnny quickly hit back: "No, from your wardrobe!"

What did you make of Johnny's performance?

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