X Factor rock week: Frankie Cocozza is still completely s**t

Frankie Cocozza

X Factor 2011 flop Frankie Cocozza proved this evening that despite enough production to provide Kitty Brucknell with 5 performances, he still can barely sing. And his sleazy VT did little to win us over as he boasted about bedding girls after a drunken night out.

And even the judges couldn't continue to keep up the charade.

Louis told him: "It was a great entrance, I think the song choice suited you and this should be your comfort zone. Because you are a rocker. Something worries me, i think you’re a little bit over confident."

While Tulisa added: "I’m a little bit gob-smacked.

"The first audition when we saw you, you came across as this slightly cocky, confident, cute guy but there was a boundary with you. Now I feel like Gary has taken you to the extremes and I feel like we’ve lost Frankie.


"I don’t know who you are anymore, he’s tried to make you into a younger Gary, everything he wanted to be in his younger days. I loved who you were and there was a sense of innocence about you and I feel it’s gone. You’re rebellious but I don’t think you’re this extreme."

Kelly Rowland commented: "I actually think this is all you, but here’s the thing, I need you to come up vocally, you really lack there. You have great presence and everything but you have got to come up ten times harder vocally."

Even Frankie's mentor Gary Barlow had to be honest, saying: "When I decided to sit in this seat, there was one thing I promised myself I would never do, and that was lie and I lied for you last weekend and I said your performance was good and it wasn’t… it was awful. You deserved to be in the bottom two last week.

"Coming back tonight, to me, that was a comeback. Not an incredible comeback, but a comeback to who you should be. i think you did pretty well tonight."

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