X Factor 2011: Sami Brookes disappoints with ANOTHER karaoke number

Sami Brookes

X Factor 2011 contestant Sami Brookes disappoint Gary Barlow on this evening’s rock themed show with yet another karaoke number, branding the performance "totally boring." Her mentor Louis Walsh on the other hand was up his feet after the rendition of Cher's If I could Turn Back Time.

Gary moaned: "Sami that was totally boring.

"Can I just remind you what we are doing here in this competition. We are trying to find someone who can sell albums, singles, CDs, someone who can be a star. After that performance tonight, you’re going to be none of the above!"

Hitting back, Louis said: "Gary this girl was literally getting sick two hours ago behind the stage. She’s had a terrible day, I’m not looking for a sympathy vote but she pulled it out of the bag, that was a very powerful performance.


"Gary, it’s all about the voice with her, it’s a very hard song to sing and she nailed it."

Tulisa added: "Sami yes, Louis I do have to say it is a bit of a karaoke song. But it’s one of my favourite songs of all time and it comes down to it, this is a singing competition and whether or not it was karaoke, it was good karaoke, because you have the voice. Amazingly, I think at the end of the day that was a brilliant performance."

And Kelly said: "Sami I think you have a really amazing voice. You sound fantastic!” You came out here and entertained everybody, you loook like you had a great time."

Giving her views, Sami admitted: "Do you know what I didn’t particularly want to do the song but I did it and gave it my best.

"I just want to say, I know there’s a recession at the minute, I know everyone so skint, I know it’s nearly Christmas but if you could spare a pound and vote for me I would be eternally grateful."

PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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