X Factor rock week: Marcus Collins is going the right way as he opens the show

Marcus Collins

X Factor contestant Marcus Collins opened tonight's rock week live show with one hell of a track, getting a "10 out of 10" from the judges for his take on Lenny Kravitz track Are You Gonna Go My Way.

Louis told him: "What a brilliant opening to the show. You sang, you smiled, you performed, Marcus if I was marking you out of ten…it’s ten!"

And Tulisa raved: "Marcus why have I got a feeling that you were holding back in rehearsals this morning, because I watched you and I was a bit worried. But watching that performance, complete opposite of this morning’s rehearsals. You were holding back, you absolutely blew me away. You were wild!"

Kelly meanwhile confessed that she had worries about Marcus, but he had put all those fears to bed with his performance.

She said: "This week you came out here and made the stage yours. I have been so worried about you, as in taking control of the stage, tonight you did that, congratulations."

Gary Barlow's mentor stood as he told Marcus: "Now that’s how to open a show! Right there, amazing vocals, great energy. Marcus do me one favour ok? Get home tonight, watch that back and start believing in yourself please"

What did you make of Marcus' performance?

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