X Factor 2011: Gary Barlow "unsettled" by Nu Vibe's 'outing' of Craig Colton

Craig Colton

Craig Colton has revealed that both he and mentor Gary Barlow were "unsettled" after being 'outed' as gay by Nu Vibe. In an interview after their exit last weekend, Nu Vibe had revealed that the 22-year-old was gay, although they put in slightly less polite terms.

Craig confirmed the news, and insisted: "I’ve been out for a year now and I have never hidden my sexuality."

But talking to the Liverpool Echo, Craig explained how both he and Gary were "unsettled" by Nu Vibe's comments.

Craig said: "Gary and I were unsettled because it came out and it wasn’t under my control.

"I’ve never had any issues because of my sexuality. I’ve never been bullied about it."

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