X Factor 2011: Theme change leaves less time for rehearsals, and even more nervous finalists!

X Factor 2011

The X Factor 2011 finalists are under more pressure than ever this week, after the last minute theme change to Rock week meant one less day for rehearsals. Backstage sources claim that Simon Cowell changed in the theme in a bid to force the contestants out of their comfort zone.

"Tensions are running very high as there is so much to fit in. Usually sound checks are on Thursdays, with camera work rehearsals on Friday," a source said.

They continued: "The theme was Heroes, but Simon felt it was important to spice things up this week so changed it to Rock. This has put massive pressure on the contestants."

Speaking to the Evening Standard, the source claimed that the decision to switch the theme came from X Factor boss Simon Cowell.

"Simon has stepped in to address the viewing figures," the source said.

"But it's left the singers with little time to prepare and some are showing the strain. It is proving to be a very, very heavy day."

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