X Factor 2011: Louis Walsh accuses Kelly Rowland of 'neglecting' Sophie Habibis

Sophie Habibis

Louis Walsh has hit out at fellow judge Kelly Rowland, accusing her of neglecting one of her acts! Speaking to the Daily mirror today, Louis said Kelly was ignoring Sophie by spending too much time with Janet and Misha.

He said: “I really feel sorry for poor Sophie. Kelly is putting all her work into the other two girls. I wish she would give Sophie some attention. It’s sad.”

And he also criticised Kelly's song choices as being "too urban".

The Irish music mogul explained: "Kelly is too R&B, she knows that music inside out. But this is The X Factor, not Soul Train. She needs to be more mainstream. This is a Saturday night show for all the family.

“The old songs are the best, the classic ones that have lasted 20, 30 or 40 years. Give me those over some of this new urban or disco rubbish anytime.

“I would pick Whitney over Rihanna and give me Diana Ross over any of these people. Gary and Kelly are both obsessed with the voice, but it is not just the voice it is whether you entertain.

“Some of the best singers in the world are backing singers, they are pitch perfect but they don’t have the likeability or the star quality to sell things.”

PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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