X Factor spoilers: Sami Brookes teases Rock week performance

Sami Brookes

The pressure is on X Factor hopeful Sami Brookes this weekend, with the Welsh bar maid having to pull something big out of the bag to avoid elimination. The 31-year-old however revealed she was ready to embrace her inner rock chick tomorrow night.

While a Rock theme is not likely to suit Sami, she revealed she was going to go all out to win votes.

Teasing her song choice, Sami told This Morning: "I’m doing an icon, the artist I’m doing is an icon so I’m very scared about doing her song.

"But I’m going to try my hardest, it’s a popular song so I pray that the public will keep us in."

She added: "I am so looking forward to it, I can unleash my little rock diva. I can’t wait for rock week, I’m so excited."

And in a plea for votes, Sami begged viewers of the show to vote for her and Johnny this weekend.

She pleaded: "We know there’s a recession on at the moment and everyone is hard on money, but if anyone can spare a vote for me and our Johnny we’ll be eternally grateful.

"We’re going to need it… we’re the oldies!"

PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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