X Factor UK gossip: The top 10 most-read stories this week!

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It's the end of another week on The X Factor, and as the final rehearsals and sound checks take place backstage, we've complied our top 10 stories of the past 7 days. This have been the most popular X Factor gossip over the past week based on what our readers have been looking at!

And you've been browsing in your millions this year, with our site setting record amounts of views, but here's the top 10:

You lot couldn't seem to get enough of the X Factor finalists as babies, and we don't blame you, they aren't half cute! From little Janet Devlin driving a tractor to tiny Marcus Collins holding a £20 note as big as his body, this glimpse into the photo albums of the contestants was read by thousands.
> X Factor 2011: OMG! Check out the finalists' baby pictures!

Pictures published in heat magazine this week caused more than a bit of chatter about the apparently shy finalist. Some say the teenager is just putting on an act, while others say she can let her down if she wants to!
> X Factor 2011: Janet Devlin shy and timid? Personal pics reveal "party animal" truth of Irish singer

After being axed in the first live show of th series, 16-year-old Amelia Lily hit back at The X Factor this week, saying she's glad Kelly Rowland booted her out because she didn't want to become another of the show's manufactured winners. Begs the question why did she enter in the first place...
> Amelia Lily hits out at The X Factor, saying: 'I'm glad I was axed!'

The awful lip syncing on Sunday night's X Factor group number couldn't be ignored, but very few of you brought the excuse that it was too hard to wire all mics up. None the less, many of you still loved the performance of 'Hello', with thousands watching the video again after the show.
> X Factor bosses blame miming during group song on "technical nightmare"

Simon Cowell's anger with the new X Factor judges after falling ratings sparked plenty of discussion on Twitter and the site. Was he right, and are the judges to blame? Is it the acts? Or the ads? Is it because there's no Cheryl Cole? Who knows, but what is certain is that Simon wasn't too happy!
> X Factor 2011: Furious Simon Cowell blasts judges as ratings fall

Tulisa and Kelly clashing backstage was another sign of the trouble backstage, with Tulisa apparently annoyed that Kelly was telling her how to manage her groups! Kelly played down the rumours however, insisting she loved the N-Dubz singer!
> X Factor 2011: Kelly Rowland and Tulisa fall out after backstage rows over acts

Craig Colton was forced to deny having a diva strop this week, after newspapers claimed the singer had "thrown his weight around" backstage ahead of the live shows.
> X Factor 2011: Craig Colton throws diva strop backstage!

Both you and us were quite surprised to hear about Sami Brookes crush. The openly gay Welsh bar maid - who has a girl friend - confessed to fancying, and wanting to snog, fellow contestant Misha Bryan!
> X Factor 2011: Sami Brookes fancies Misha Bryan!

After a number of changes to the theme this weekend, eventually it was confirmed as Rock week, and many felt the last minute change was to help Frankie. We're not sure it's the theme that's the problem with Frankie's voice..
> X Factor 2011: Rock theme for third week of live shows

Beccy Shaw revealed all this week about her night at bootcamp with X Factor wannabe Frankie Cocozza. Chatting to heat, Beccy insisted she didn't sleep with the teenager, but that he had bedded a mum of two!
> X Factor 2011 reject Beccy Shaw reveals all about her night with Frankie Cocozza!

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