X Factor 2011: Marcus Collins stalked by obsessive fans

Marcus Collins

It sounds as though Marcus Collins is finding out one of the many downsides of having obsessive fans, with the 23-year-old hair dresser apparently being talked by a group of his most dedicated devotees!

But according to the Metro newspaper, it's been tough going for Marcus.

"It's been madness for Marcus," a source told the publication.

"This particular group of fans have been following him everywhere. They trailed him from the contestants' home to the theatre."

The insider continued: "Marcus and the others suddenly felt a real sense of superstardom when they were forced to wait until moments before the show started so they could be guided to their seats in darkness so the audience didn't start screaming.

"He was out with Misha, Craig, Janet and Sami but the fans all wanted a piece of him."

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