X Factor 2011: Is Frankie Cocozza the sleaziest reality telly contestant ever?

Frankie Cocozza X Factor

X Factor wannabe Frankie Cocozza just gets worse and worse. It's bad enough that he can barely sing in tune, but his personalitity has to be one of the sleaziest ever to appear on any reality telly show.

Earlier today, we reported how the teenager had bragged about losing his virginity at just 12 - to a girl of the same age - and being proud of it.

But his sleaze doesn't stop there, talking about the 67 girls he beddd, Frankie boasted: "Most of them were in Malia so I don't really remember most of their names."

He continued: "I'd slept with about 20 before I went there. I'm not really good with women, I'm just upfront and some girls like that."

And revealing his secrets, Frankie explained: "In Malia I literally just went up to girls and said, 'You're fit, do you want to f***?' One in three would say yes."

He added: "They're all up for a shag there."


> X Factor 2011: Frankie "proud" to have lost his virginity at just 12

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