X Factor 2011: Womaniser Frankie blames promiscuity on having his heart broken at school

Frankie Cocozza

X Factor lothario Frankie Cocozza has blamed his woman loving ways on his heart being broken when he was in school. The 18-year-old, who claims to have bedded 67 girls, told The Sun it was his only serious relationship.

"I've had one serious relationship. It was on and off for the last three years at school," he explained.

"Even when we weren't together everyone knew we still liked each other. She broke my heart, that's why I'm a t***. I'm not going to say her name. It's so awkward. She didn't cheat on me but she went off with someone else afterwards and it was someone I'd never expected. That's all I'm saying."

And he revealed: "Since then I've never wanted to be in a relationship again. I probably will do at some point but not now.

"It was the worst six months of my life. It was vile, horrible. I would cry about her when I was drunk."

We're almost starting to feel sorry for him.

"I got over it in time and then I went to Malia and started shagging."


PIC: Copyright Syco/Simon Harris

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