X Factor 2011: Producers 'picked finalists at bootcamp' claims reject

X Factor 2011 judges

A disgruntled flop X Factor wannabe who was cut at bootcamp has lashed out at the show, saying it should be called the "Freak factor" rather than the X Factor. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Sheila O'Sullivan claimed that the producers had chosen finalists before even judges' houses.

She said: "Every day at bootcamp we spent hours upon hours in the holding room. We weren’t allowed leave. It felt like a prison. They didn’t seem to care about anyone at bootcamp. I believe they’d already picked their top three or four by that stage and the rest of us just didn’t matter."

The 28-year-old, who made it to the second day of bootcamp, told the newspaper: "It was so staged. Dermot and the rest of the crew were on first-name terms with all of the contestants that are now on the live shows now.

"They were filming the same people all the time, the cameras mostly focused on Janet, Kitty and Frankie. Janet was given bars of chocolate but when I asked for food I was refused. The rest of us were just there to make up numbers."

She added: "Anyone thinking of auditioning should know, it’s not really about talent or singing ability. It should be called the Freak Factor, not X Factor.

"I’ve been in the music industry long enough to know how tough it is. I knew X Factor wouldn’t be easy – but the way they treated us was disgraceful. There were teenagers there who were just so excited to be on television that they didn’t know any better."

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