X Factor 2011: Kitty Brucknell's best friend reveals the 'real Kitty'

Kitty Brucknell

X Factor wannabe Kitty is really a "sweet, vulnerable and fragile" woman, her best friend has claimed. In an interview with New! magazine, Jennifer Belander hit out at the way the singer was being portrayed on the show.

"It is very upsetting. It's very easy to dismiss her because of the way she looks. She's got the big blonde hair and the gorgeous body," she said.

"She's had liposuction to remove her 'love handles'. She had it done a few years ago and didn't tell me she was going to. She came back and was like, 'Guess what?'. It was one of those things that if it makes her more confident, I'm all for it."

She continued: "I understand when people meet her that it's hard to get through that exterior. She definitely works at an image. She's actually sweet, vulnerable and fragile."

Asked about the "real Kitty", Jennifer revealed: "When she's in her most creative period, she backs away a bit. But when she's ready to be social, we'll go to dinner and talk for five hours. She is constantly surprising me with her sensitivity.

"I have an autistic son and her mum is fostering two little boys, she's so good with them. She'd make a great mother."

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