X Factor 2011: Pals reveal Kitty's botox addiction!

Kitty Brucknell

Supposed friends of X Factor hopeful Kitty Brucknell have revealed the singer's apparent addiction to botox, following an expert claiming the kooky performer was suffering from 'over-Botox syndrome'.

Speaking to heat magazine, Dr Dirk Kremer suggested Kitty's face showed "classic signs" of botox use, despite the performer being only 26.

He claimed: “In my opinion, Kitty is showing classic signs of ‘over-Botox syndrome': the shiny, line free forehead, unnaturally arched eyebrows and little ability to lift her eyelids during facial expression.”

A pal told the magazine: “Kitty was worried by critics saying she has a hard expression but because of the amount of passion and concentration she puts into each song she can’t help it, so she had Botox to soften it.”

They added: “She takes feedback seriously as she wants to do everything to improve her performances and win the show.”

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