X Factor 2011: Craig Colton 'gay and proud' despite jibes from Nu Vibe

Craig Colton

X Factor 2011 contestant Craig Colton has said he's 'gay and proud' following jibes by axed boy group Nu Vibe, who described both Craig and Marcus Collins as "bum boys." The pair, who are openly gay, dismissed the supposed insult however.

Craig told the Daily Star “I have never hidden my sexuality and I am proud of who I am. Nu Vibe are all my best mates.”

However some viewers haven't taking too kindly to Nu Vibe’s comments, or their supposed "outing" of Craig.

One wrote: “If he was going to come out, announcing it should be his own choice.”

Another added: "I find them using the term "bum boys" at best immature but actually ignorant and about two decades out of date."

Writing on an internet forum, a third complained about the rejected group: "The language they used makes them sound real a**eholes. Glad they have gone. "

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