X Factor 2011 finalists face eviction from £6 million mansion

Outside the posh £6 million house

The X Factor 2011 finalists face being kicked out of their posh £6 million mansion, because it's so messy it's become a fire hazard! According to the The Mirror, the house is classed as a commercial property, like a hotel, rather than a residential property.

As a result, fire escapes must be well marked and kept clear, among other stringent health and safety guidelines.

According to the newspaper, council chiefs have investigated the property and will make a decision today what to do with it.

A source told the newspaper: “The place is a total tip, with all the fire escapes cluttered up and a lack of proper signs indicating proper exits.

“Unlike previous years, the house is designated a commercial property, not just residential – so these rules apply.

“Bosses went ballistic and pledged to get things sorted for the next visit.”

The £6 million pad based just outside London has some 20 rooms, a pool, gym and even a duck pond.

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