X Factor 2011 'drops £1 million recording contract prize'

Simon Cowell

The X Factor has reportedly dropped its claim of a £1 million recording contract being offered to the winner, after claims singers would need to release four albums to ever get close to the top prize.

Not a single winner has yet to release four albums, with Shayne Ward coming closest with three, before being dumped earlier this year.

Instead, hopefuls will earn just £150,000 from their first record, and then it'll be over if they flop.

Matt Cardle confessed: "I got an advance to keep me housed and fed while making my album. The million pound thing — that's just for TV."

A show source told The Sun: "The bottom line is that unless you have hit album after hit album you will never get anywhere near the £1million from selling records"

But it's not all doom and gloom, with singers getting 15% of all sales and earning up to £700 a day on tour.

"It's still a hugely lucrative show," the source added.

A spokesperson for Simon Cowell's Syco record label said: "The X Factor provides a huge platform for earning potential for both the winner and finalists. It is estimated finalists have collectively earned an estimated £60million in the past few years alone including from record deals, endorsements and public appearances."

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