X Factor 2011's Nu Vibe plan a lads' holiday to get over rejection!

Nu Vibe

They may have only been in the X Factor for two weeks, but Nu Vibe seem to reckon they deserve a bit of time off from all of that pesky singing! The boys, who were eliminated on Sunday night, revealed they were off on a lads holiday to help them bond as a group.

The guys had been put together at bootcamp, after failing to make it through as solo artists. Despite being branded as an "urban" version of One Direction, the five piece struggled from the start, and became the first act to be cut by the public at the weekend.

The teenagers - Richard Milford, Stefan Romer, Bradley Johnson, Jordan Higoand and Ashford Campbell - said they were considering Mykonos as one of the destinations, where Tulsa took them for judges' houses.

Ashford told PA: "I think everything happens for a reason and I think coming together made us stronger. We've got five individual singers who are all great in their own right and together I think we're really good. It's just a shame it didn't translate. Hopefully we can progress after this amazing experience and go somewhere from here."

Stefan said: "It would be a lie to say we're happy and upbeat. We're pretty gutted at the moment and it hasn't been long, so I think we're still reflecting on our performances and how people are reacting. And that won't change for a couple of days."

And he put their exit down to their song choice on Sunday night, where the boys performed U2 hit With or Without You.

He added: "I think we went for that clubby type of song choice and it didn't pay off as well as we hoped it would."

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