X Factor 2011 reject Beccy Shaw reveals all about her night with Frankie Cocozza!

Beccy X Factor 2011

When we saw X Factor lothario Frankie Cocozza snuggling up to fellow hopeful Beccy Shaw in a hot tub at Boot Camp, we thought they were a sure thing. But, despite Frankie, 18, saying that he “got lucky” with the Brummie, it turns out that the pair didn’t sleep together.

In an interview with this week's heat magazine, Beccy Shaw reveals all about what really went down at bootcamp.

She says: “We did get together, but it wasn’t like what he said – we didn’t sleep together. I stayed in his room on the last night, but Luke Lucas and about five other people were in there, too. He was very proud of his conquests, though. He told me he’d slept with 64 people. He’d been a club rep in Malia and got a lot of attention out there.”

Beccy adds: “He even told me he’d got with someone who was 26 with two kids. He was calling her a MILF.”

Most recently, he’s been shacking up with X Factor reject Amelia Lily, who Beccy says he did seem to like. “He stopped talking to me when he got into Amelia. I think he did really like her, but now she’s gone it wouldn’t surprise me if he moved on.”

So, how does Frankie get the girls? “He plays the game very well,” reveals Beccy. “He’ll go up to a girl and be mean, then make it better by saying something nice. He’ll keep you on your toes.”

But apparently Frankie doesn’t like being turned down. “It bothers him if a girl doesn’t go for him,” says Beccy. “He’s got a very big ego and if girls don’t like him he really takes it to heart.”

Beneath the bravado, there’s one thing Frankie is insecure about: his voice. “Frankie didn’t sing in front of anyone. At all,” says Beccy. “The rest of us would all be singing and we’d say, ‘Frankie, you sing!’ and he’d go, ‘No way!’ It’s an insecurity. I think that’s why he talks about girls, to cover up the fact that he knows his voice isn’t the best.”

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