X Factor 2011: Bromance brewing between Marcus Collins and Craig Colton

Marcus Collins

We love and good X Factor bromance, and it seems Craig Colton and Marcus Collins are becoming very close friends in the house. The two lads, both from Liverpool, have been bonding together over the past month and are now best pals!

Marcus revealed: “I miss Liverpool so much so it’s good to have Craig here with me. He keeps my head level. There are so many Scouse things he says that make me laugh and reminds me of home.

“We can be sat having a conversation and no one else will have a clue what we’re talking about. It’s our Scouse humour.

He added: "Some people may think we’re in competition, but we’re not. We’re friends and we’re very different singers.”

Craig meanwhile reciprocated the comments, saying: "It’s nice to have someone from Liverpool in the house. It’s a little piece of home.

“Marcus cleans and cooks for me. He looks after me – he even makes my bed. I’m the untidy one. I annoy him because I leave my clothes everywhere. He’s like Aggie from Kim and Aggie.

“I listen to him singing as he’s going around with the Febreze. But we mostly sing together when we’re in the gym in the basement.”

It's so great to hear some good news coming from The X Factor house, instead of claims of diva strops and bullying!

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