X Factor 2011: Frankie has slept with 67 girls... boasts his DAD!

Frankie Cocozza

It seems like sleazy boasting about bedding girls runs in Frankie Cocozza's family, with the X Factor hopefuls had revealing all about his songs sex life in an interview with The People Frankie's dad, also called Frankie, told the newspaper that his son was a ladies’ man just like himself, lovely...

“My son is just like me but he has seriously ­outdone me with women," he said about his 18-year-old son. “I don’t think he has slept with more than 100 girls. I think he is on number 67.

"I’d say my number is 30 or 40 but it might be more.”

And in more disgusting comments, Frankie Snr recalled: “I remember once I took one of my mate’s girls and said, ‘She’s a slag. I shagged her last night.’ It was freedom. We loved our holidays and worked hard.

“Frankie isn’t more tame than me but he is in more control of himself, as far as alcohol and everything is concerned.

But even Frankie Snr didn't take too kindly to his sons tattooed bum when he found out.

He revealed: “I had a go at him when I heard about the tattoos. I said, ‘What about when you’re old and you’ve got a wrinkly bum or you get a nice girlfriend and she sees them?

“But it was ­probably the best thing he ever did.”

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