X Factor 2011: Caroline Flack determined to make Gary Barlow cry

Gary Barlow facepalm

Cheeky Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack has said she hopes to make Gary Barlow cry by the end of the series in December. The petite brunette telly host previously failed to get the usually serious Take That star to shed a tear during auditions, but hopes the live shows will give her the opportunity.

In an interview with the Daily Mail yesterday, Caroline said: "He's the only X Factor judge who has never shed a tear during the show. It doesn't take much to bring a tear to my eye. If I see someone who is upset, that always makes me cry.

"But Gary has never turned on the waterworks. We're very keen to see it happen but we don't want to do anything too cruel to him. It might have to come down to a plate of raw onions held close to his face."

And it seems as though Caroline is ready for Gary's emotional outburst, telling the newspaper: "I’m the resident X Factor therapist.

"I’m the shoulder to cry on. I talk to people whose lives have just changed by appearing on the show. Emotions are running high. The trick is being able to listen."

She explained: "If someone’s had a ghastly time, sometimes it’s best to say nothing. They just need someone who is sympathetic. At the end of a day I have an awful lot of wet mascara on my shoulders."

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