X Factor 2011: Viewers complain about Johnny's "rub my lamp" gag!

Johnny Robinson

It seems not everyone appreciated Johnny Robinson’s quick witted comeback to Gary Barlow on Saturday night's X Factor, with some overly prudish viewers complaining about the cheeky gag about Aladin's lamp.

Gary Barlow had told Johnny after his performance: “In all seriousness, I am actually quite sad because I don’t want to laugh at you Johnny. I don’t want you to be the joke in this competition, I want people to take you seriously because you can actually sing.

“Louis did you just really tell Frankie he has no swagger and then do this to Johnny? I mean look at him, he looks like he’s in Aladdin.”

To which Johnny quipped: “Gary can rub my lamp anytime!”

But some rather silly viewers have taken offense to the remark.

“The last thing parents want is to have to explain to their kids what a load of sexual innuendo means," an insider told the Daily Star today. “Some think all sexual content should be banned from now on and the nod needs to come from above.”

A spokesman for the show said: “Johnny made a light-hearted re- mark which was taken by Gary and the studio audience in the humorous way in which it was intended.”

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